WhatsApp GB APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023 (Updated)

WhatsApp GB APK is the name of the version that evolved from the original Whatsapp. In this updated version of WhatsApp, you’ll have access to features that were not there in the first edition. You may use this program to run your online company because it has numerous features that aid in business growth. There are a lot of features accessible, such as anti-revoke messages, message filtering, duplicate accounts, frozen last-seen information, anti-delete messages and statuses, online status concealment, no crashing difficulties, and many more. This version is easier to use because of its user-friendly interface. The first version lacked access, control, multiple typefaces, and more than 4000 themes, but this version does. There are no additional fees associated with this application’s use or download.

Whatsapp GB

Many people now use WhatsApp to share music, videos, and other kinds of material. If you want to use WhatsApp with a few more features, you may download and install WhatsApp GB APK on your smartphone. The official WhatsApp now has a number of new features, such as the option to conceal double ticks, switch themes, modify the online status, utilize WhatsApp accounts, and many more. It offers greater private access, and utilizing the program is cost-free. All of these exciting features are available to you after you download this app to your Android phone.
About WhatsApp GB APK
In late 2016, GB Whatsapp Download, the most recent version of WhatsApp to get around the ban, became accessible for Android handsets. The application was developed to allow users of GB WhatsApp to increase the security and privacy of their messages since it has several unique added features. This program is a well-known third-party adaptation of WhatsApp that offers enhanced functionality and customizability options, making it a favorite among millions of users worldwide. Whether you desire more privacy, more control over your chat experience, or simply a method to liven up your conversations, GB Whatsapp Apk Download has everything you could possibly need. Let’s get started and learn about all the amazing features that make GB Whatsapp the mandatory communication app for everyone.

GBWhatsapp APK File Details:

App Name GBWhatsApp APK
Android Version 4.3 and Above
Version Latest Version
Total Downloads 95,000,000+
App size 51.1MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose WhatsApp Extra Features
Last Updated 9 Hour Ago

GB Whatsapp

WhatsApp GB APK Features

Block Images and Videos Shared
Your photographs and videos are automatically kept in their own folder by Whatsapp Gb Apk for Android. The settings menu will open up for you in the application’s main interface, where you can search for it and then click on it to access it. Next, go to the conversations list where you will find the option to disable media viewing and display on the phone. Enable it, and any media that people send you won’t show up in the phone’s gallery. But, this does not imply that you won’t be able to store any media from images and videos in it. This is what sets GB Wahtsapp, the new version against the ban, apart from the original green WhatsApp in that you can still store photographs and videos when you activate this option.
Creating Messages, Using Italic Writing
One of the lovely features you have when sending messages is the ability to modify the text characteristics. If you want to create a style, sometimes the message has to be bold, italicized, or even underlined to draw more attention or focus. If you want to accomplish that, create a whole message first before sending it. Next, add whatever formatting you like to the text, such as bold and bold font, by placing the * sign on each side of the word or phrase. For instance, you wish to write this The text is in the center and there are no spaces between the symbols and the word, phrase, or text, and the word is bold, which means that you press the symbol before and after the word or phrase.
Accelerate the Voicemail's Replaying
Add Whatsapp to GB. You can speed up the playing speed of a voice message to 1.5 or twice quicker if you get a long audio message or recording or if you just want to listen to it quickly. This is straightforward to carry out. Clicking the 1X button to the right of the voice message will accelerate playback when you play it. With just one click, the message may be activated at a 1.5x faster rate; with additional clicks, the rate can be doubled. A second click on this option causes the speed to revert to normal.
Examine and Return Any Unread Messages
When you read a message but can’t or don’t want to react to it right away, you can easily change the message’s status to unread and do it from Within GB if you are concerned that you will forget to respond. At the chat page of WhatsApp GB’s most recent version, press and hold the chosen chat for a moment before selecting Mark as unread. A green circle will then appear in front of the contact conversation on the screen Chats to serve as a reminder that messages in this chat must be read.
Save Significant Discussions and Chats
The ideal approach to keep track of and access a contact’s discussions is to pin them to the top of the chat page so that they always appear at the top of all chats. This way, even if you get new messages, they won’t alter how easily you can monitor and access their talks or rapidly access essential conversations and groups of conversations. This means that on it, conversations will always be placed at the top even above unread chats, and the gorgeous GB WhatsApp APK, the most recent version, enables you to install an infinite number of conversations and organize them, in contrast to the original green WhatsApp, which only permits you to install 5 chats as a maximum as much as possible and to accomplish this from within WhatsApp GB. When numerous icons show at the top of the main conversations page, click the pin icon at the top of the screen after selecting the chat you want to install and holding the button down for approximately a second.
Muting Chat and Group Notifications
There are moments when you are annoyed by how numerous and lovely messages other people, especially those from the group, send. Open the desired chat or group, then choose Mute the alarm by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, or by clicking the contact or group name. Then, pick the mute option and enter the desired amount of time for silence. You have the option of selecting one hour, eight hours, or a week, including always.
Online Status Hiding
Even if you’re not in the mood to talk, you still want to know what the message is that you’ve received. You wish to ignore people when online. You’re trying to get some work done and don’t want to be distracted or disturbed. GB The intriguing capability of masking your online status is available on WhatsApp. Also, you may alter your present state to days in the past by freezing it. Show them you’re not there and make use of stealth mode.
Your social media account may be suspended if you wish to have unrestricted enjoyment and avoid participating in activities or talks. Using GBWhatsApp, you may do whatever you want and enjoy yourself to the most. The possibility of having your account banned disappears with GBWA. Appreciate it till you’re worn out.
Emojis and Stickers
If you lack emotional expression but wish to communicate your ideas to others, you must develop it. GB WhatsApp recognizes you and offers you a variety of emoticons and stickers that are all accessible with a single click. To kill the vibe, you must download the app on your phone.

GB Whatsapp APK

Comparison Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp GB

Maximum File Size Limit No Limit 100MB
Maximum Group Capacity 600 256
Status Characters Limit 255 Characters 139 Characters
Broadcast Restrictions 600 Contacts 250 Contacts
Document Sharing Limit (Number) 100 at once 30 at once
Document Sharing Limit (Size) 1 GB 16 MB
Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Time) 7 Minutes 30 Seconds
Audio/Video Sharing Limit (Size) 1GB 16 MB
Photo Sharing Limit Maximum 100 Maximum 30
Forward Limit Maximum 250 Maximum 10
Accounts on Single Device More than One Only One
Multiple Customizable Icons ×
Send Blank Message ×
Animated Stickers ×
Removed Forwarded Messages Tag ×
Read Deleted Messages/Statuses ×
Automatic Custom Reply ×
Hide Blue Tick ×
Hide Last Seen ×


What’s New in the Latest Release?

Distraction-free mode

During business hours, you can switch to this mode.

Text yourself

You’ll be able to text yourself thanks to this.

Make a voice memo about your status

You will be able to post your voice message on the status as a result.

Hide last seen

Moreover, you have the option of hiding your last seen.

Hide status view

When you view a status, you may also choose to disappear from other people’s updates.

supports 90+ languages

Around 90 different languages are supported by this edition.

Chat translate

Your conversations will be translated thanks to this.

Download Status Quickly

Any status is easily downloadable with a single click.

Encryption from end to end

An end-to-end encryption function will be included in this version.

SMS Text Messages

During conversations, you may immediately respond by WhatsApp Gb Apk.


Also, this edition offers you the option of using the auto-reply tool.

1000 Group Member

Your groups can accommodate a thousand new members.

Quit the group without informing anyone

You are allowed to leave a group without informing the other members.

Reduce chatter

By reducing chat functionality, you may reduce the volume of your conversations.

increased capability for sharing

Moreover, this version’s sharing capabilities have been expanded.

two accounts on the same device

This version of Whatsapp GB APK allows you to create two accounts on a single device.

high-caliber pictures

High-quality picture transmission and reception are both possible.

Option to hide typing

The typing option can be hidden in the settings.

Up to 100 MB of video-sending

Use the most recent version of GBWhatsApp Download to transfer a 100MB movie.

Recordings can be hidden

Under the settings, you may also make the recording feature invisible.

See deleted messages from the sender

Also, you have access to the sender’s deleted communications.

second tick feature to mask

Your double-tick function may be turned off in the settings.

Avoid the microphone going blue by hiding it

Moreover, you may prevent the microphone from turning blue after hearing the sender’s voice.

How to Download WhatsApp GB APK?

This amazing tool may be downloaded via a quick and efficient method, and it has amazing features. You should first follow this procedure to obtain this application.

  • As this is a third-party software, as you are aware, the simplest way for you to obtain it is through the Google Chrome browser. Enter “WhatsApp GB APK” into the search field when it is opened.
  • Then, select a non-affiliated website by selecting the search option. To download the most recent version of this software, please visit our website.
  • By clicking the provided download link on the website page, you can get the APK file for this software.
How to Install GB WhatsApp APK?

Below are the instructions for installing this program.

  • To install third-party software, the first step is to enable unknown sources.
  • Now, the file manager should display the downloads folder.
  • The next step is to find and open the APK file. The installation options are then displayed. Clicking the install button is necessary to complete the Gb WhatsApp APK download installation.
  • Now that it’s accessible for your Android smartphone, you can utilize this app.


Is this program free to use?
Yes, you are free to use this program without having to buy it.
WhatsApp GB APK: Is it safe?
GBWhatsApp is safe and secure for your Android smartphone, yes.
Will I lose access to the GB WhatsApp APK on my number?
No, installing GBWhatsApp won’t block your phone number.
Can I simply download WhatsApp status?
That much is true you may download the status directly from WhatsApp GB APK.

GBWhatsapp APK

Final Words
WhatsApp GB APK Download offers you superior functionality, safe privacy settings, more media sharing in chats, and status updates as compared to WhatsApp. Stay away from obnoxious individuals, utilize Airplane mode to operate the program, and select the Do Not Disturb setting when you want to use other applications fast. In addition to all of this, your privacy is secured. You may conceal your status from a specific person, examine other people’s statuses, and obstruct your view if you don’t want to share it with them. You may add intriguing features to your discussions by personalizing them with themes, emoticons, stickers, and other aspects. The use of the official WhatsApp GB APK app is something I hope you enjoy. The plans and security offered by GBWhatsapp are identical to those of the original Whatsapp. Just download the software from our website to use all of its features.